Synapse Marketing

If you have a practice Facebook page that hasn’t seen fresh content in weeks because… well, life happens, then we can help. The Social Media Industry Marketing Report (2016) said that 63% of marketers like you were spending an hour or more per day managing their social media. Today,

over a third of businesses that use Facebook for marketing employ a full time marketing person! Imagine having a team (optometrist, designer, copywriter and IT person) to take care of creating and posting the right mix of educational and inspiring content to optimise your organic growth.


Synapse Solutions is the complete marketing and education solution. How does it work?

Our annual programmes are based on themes, e.g. during Diabetes month – November – we include diabetes-related posts in your Facebook content. Your patient newsletter explains diabetic eye conditions to your current patients and your CPD article covers the same topic so you’re fully up-to-date and ready to answer questions when patients respond to their recalls. We have a portfolio of content, from which we can include your preferences.

Optional extras include customised content for your website, media press releases, events or other content management you may require.

(R4500 per year)


Synapse Lite: If you are not ready to jump, but want to dip your toes into the social media marketing river, Synapse Lite is for you. With 18 Facebook posts and 1 newsletter (R1100 per quarter) you can look before you leap.

(This option excludes CPD and personalisation is not available.)